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Executive Director – SGVTC Residential Facility

San Gabriel Valley Training Center Residential Facility in La Puente, CA

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About the Organization

SGVTC Residential Facility was founded in 1983 as a companion organization to the San Gabriel Valley Training Center and Workshop for the Handicapped (now known as The Roland Center). The Residential Facility is a stand-alone corporation, and operates in tandem with the Roland Center (which provides employment support and other programming) and with the Valley Fund Corporation, which is a supporting organization to the Residential Facility and owns its real and investment assets.

All three entities share the philosophy that for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), just as with the general population, people should be treated with respect and provided safe and supportive housing, meaningful work, and recreational activities in accordance with their abilities. They also share a mission  to provide and promote opportunities for adults with IDD to work, to achieve their personal best, and to live in a comfortable and supportive environment, no matter the severity of the challenges they face.

The organization remains committed to being an advocate for those with all degrees of abilities, and continues at the forefront of new approaches and activities for residents. It is actively exploring opportunities for expansion of its residential programming. There are currently 38 beds in three buildings (offering two levels of care, identified as “Level 2” and “Level 3” (according to the categories of the California Department of Developmental Services), and a common building housing offices and gathering areas. The organization works closely with the San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center and other Regional Centers for referrals and oversight. It acts as a fiduciary for resident’s funds and collaborates with the Roland Center in offering shared activities for residents.

 About the Executive Director

Our new Executive Director will need to be dependable, adaptable and passionate about respecting the unique individuals we serve. She/he will enjoy and embrace the diversity of abilities and perspectives of old and young individuals with IDD. She/he will also need expertise in strategic business planning and be savvy in fiscal management and technological advances within a changing service environment. She/he will need to be a resourceful problem-solver who is familiar with the regulatory and funding changes occurring in our field. She/he will provide empathetic leadership and maintain our standards of active client interaction and assuring a positive environment. She/he will promote the agency in business, professional and advocacy settings. She/he will benefit from the availability of the long-tenured Executive Director who is retiring from the position.

The Executive Director at The SGVTC Residential Facility is responsible for the financial and operational administration of an established, not-for-profit, diversified adult residential compound, that seeks to be of continuing value to the populations it serves. By capitalizing on the strong expertise and commitment of a capable staff, an engaged Board of Directors, and a significant resource base, the new leader will maintain existing facilities and programs, and work with the board to explore new levels of care.

The new Residential Executive Director will benefit from regular communication and interaction with the Executive Director of the Roland Center, which is co-located on the La Puente campus.


Under general direction and policy guidance from the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible for directing and supervising all operations and activities of the organization:


  • Administer all programs, operations, and activities of the facility in accordance with required regulations and established policy, procedures and budget
  • Maintain and monitor quality residential services that are provided in safe, enjoyable, clean, well-maintained and supportive environments; implement systems for quality assurance and improvement
  • Explore—and expand as possible—programs to engage clients in meaningful and appropriate activities, according to their level of ability
  • Ensure the solicitation, retention, evaluation and support of sufficient and qualified personnel to provide quality services to clients and maintain high-quality business operations; develop and direct an administrative plan and procedures to ensure a clear definition in lines of responsibility, equitable workloads, adequate supervision and harmonious working relationships
  • Supervise staff performance evaluations and determine pay raises according to approved compensation policy and budget
  • Ensure records and reports meet agency timelines and CARF (or other regulatory/evaluative agency) criteria. Study and analyze recommended changes before implementation
  • Develop and maintain systems to ensure proper attention to grounds and maintenance, and address maintenance or replacement issues as they arise
  • Directly supervise House Managers, Weekend House Managers and other personnel who do not report directly to a House Manager


  • Maintain, monitor and evolve financial recording and reporting systems to ensure accuracy, efficiency, safekeeping, and understandability for decision-making
  • Develop and monitor realistic budgets for the Facility that will provide adequate information for governance decision-making and resources for agency programming; establish and maintain systems to ensure that managers comply with controlling costs and provide options for dealing with unexpected fluctuations; prepare annual operating budget for board approval
  • Maintain up-to-date awareness of the rate structures and financial condition of other similar facilities and programs that serve our populations
  • Supervise financial transactions and prepare reports and information for auditors


  • Attend all meetings of the SGVTC-RF Board of Directors to report regularly on current operations and needs; advise the Board of Directors as required and implement its plans and directives
  • Maintain a keen eye on the changes in the field and present options to the board for their strategic decision making; maintain interactive engagement with organizational strategic planning processes
  • Provide primary staffing for the board to ensure its efficient and effective discharge of its duties; assist the board in its development, training and orientation as requested
  • Report on operations, plans and needs of the facility and provide information to the community regarding current standards of care, training, and supervision pertaining to the residential services provided by SGVTC-RF


  • Represent the organization in the community and for interagency purposes
  • Maintain and grow an appropriate referral base (Regional Centers and other government or private organizations); stay abreast of various community programs with which the agency can collaborate and encourage reciprocal referrals
  • Actively engage in legislative advocacy to ensure that the needs and nuance of our client populations are visible to policymakers and that realistic governmental support programs are put into place; participate in appropriate meetings and with necessary alliances for the benefit of the residents
  • Participate in community partnerships to enhance credibility and visibility of the Facility and to influence enlightened policy change


  • Assure the attainment of diversified service fee income; maintain awareness of revenue enhancement opportunities; maximize income from services by structuring reimbursements to capitalize on referral agency practices and resident attendance
  • Explore as possible acquisition of philanthropic funds from individuals, foundations and corporations; develop and interact with potential and current major donors
  • Maintain and enhance relationships with governmental funders who can or do support our service population; ensure adequate systems for fulfillment of service commitments of all contracts

Qualities Sought

The ideal candidate for this position will be knowledgeable and passionate about SGVTC-RF’s mission and actively work to understand and honor its rich traditions. She/he will oversee and direct the programming, organizational leadership, fiscal, marketing and management activities needed to achieve the mission. The ideal candidate will have proven business and nonprofit management skills and be an inspirational and collaborative team builder and leader. The ED must exhibit a facilitative leadership style, active listening with a diverse group of people, a transparent work ethic, and openness in considering and valuing the contributions of many in a collective impact effort.

Essential qualifications include:

  • Demonstrable knowledge, understanding and passion for the population of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the residential and activity services they need and desire, along with knowledge of changes in the field
  • Demonstrated skills in inspiring, empowering, and developing current and future staff to achieve strategic organizational goals, and experience implementing performance management systems
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in representing organizational vision, mission, goals, and outcomes to a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders in a variety of venues
  • Advanced knowledge of non-profit management and human resources best practices, laws and regulations; collaborative leadership style and attention to staff equity, diversity and professional development, and the latest changes in staff motivation/support
  • Experience working with public health authorities and knowledge of infection control and other health promotion procedures
  • Prefer a degree in, or relating to, nursing or other medical field, and/or Social Work. Should have significant experience in residential care for individuals with intellectual deficits, along with knowledge of applicable laws and regulations, keeping of records and supervision of staff
  • Must be of good character and maintain a reputation of personal integrity.
  • Will hold a current First Aid, CPR and Direct Service Professional certification
  • Must be able to pass criminal background clearance

Preferred qualifications include:

  • Bilingual English/Spanish

To apply, click HERE to reach our iKrut system, and be sure to provide a CV and detailed cover letter.