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How We Work

We target our services to smaller and mid-size nonprofit organizations who do not have the resources to contract with a search firm, but understand the administrative burden of taking on a full scale search for a chief executive.  Our clients also recognize the importance of impartiality and discretion in their searches for an appropriate leadership team member.  The breadth of experience that is offered by FindALeader.org and its principals is unsurpassed. We have staffed the search processes undertaken by boards and committees for over 30 years.dreamstime_xs_20635757

The fee structure is based on hourly work performed, not a flat fee tied to the salary.  Note that in this scenario with this cost basis, the client takes on all responsibility for the legalities and appropriateness of steps it takes, and is free to accept or reject any suggestions made or advice offered by FindALeader. Also, the client is in control of which of the steps in the process it wants to undertake itself, and which it allocates to FindALeader.

The search for a new leader for your public benefit organization is the most important process you as a board will undertake.  The transition in leadership can be an opportunity for significant expansion of viewpoint, capacity and networks.  A “right” hire will result in long term sustainability and community support for your mission.  A hastily conducted or incomplete process can perpetuate the shortcomings of a prior administration.

Likewise, a chief executive of a small or mid-sized organization rarely has the time and/or the in-house expertise to undertake a professional search for key positions.  We can become your “go-to” assistants to fulfill your search needs based on decades of experience, rather than relying on your already over-burdened administrative staff.

We have sat in the ED, CEO, President, or Board Member position and have experienced high performing and low performing board search processes.  We have also applied for positions and have seen how the reputation of the organization is impacted by how it treats the cadre of professionals that apply for positions. An often overlooked truism is that an organization’s credibility and community relations are impacted significantly by how it treats not only the preferred candidates for a key position, but also those who take the time to prepare a comprehensive application package but are not a fit for the position.  Inevitably, these individuals will become colleagues (or “competitors”) of your organization and will influence your community profile.  We take the time to treat all applicants as the professionals they are, and acknowledge their efforts and work to date.

The field of nonprofit organization governance is demanding and not all the professionals and community members who serve on boards have been trained in the crucial skill areas necessary. Utilizing up-to-date resources such as those offered by BoardSource and Third Sector Company, we can educate a board about the proper procedures and techniques to find and retain the right professional to take the organization to the next level.

An engagement with SST will ensure that you cast the widest net to find the ideal candidate to lead your organization.  We can take over all the administrative functions of your leadership search. That way you can concentrate your resources on truly understanding and exploring the background, skill sets and personal compatibility of a candidate with your organizational culture.