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Executive Director, Immaculate Heart Community

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Immaculate Heart Community (IHC), a faith-based Community (not affiliated with any particular religious denomination) comprising both current/former religious and lay members, is a multi-program social service provider with a mission of social justice and wide public benefit to the disenfranchised members of society. IHC operates five ministries in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara Counties, and also supports and works with a broad range of individuals and organizations to identify and mobilize solutions to address the local area’s most critical issues. IHC is seeking its next Executive Director to provide leadership and direction in alignment with the directions set by the Board of Trustees and the membership.

With nearly five decades in its current form, and an additional century of historical service roots, IHC is continuing to serve today’s issues and challenges through its diverse missions. Its physical and human resources are considerable and the board is dedicated to supporting a new Executive Director to realize a stable future of enriching the many communities in which it works.

The successful candidate will possess all or most of the following qualifications:

  • A Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in a field related to IHC mission and services (educational qualifications may be waived depending on work history);
  • Eight to ten years of experience in senior nonprofit administration with knowledge or experience in the Human Services field, including fundraising, planning, budgeting, and fiscal management, with a minimum of three years of experience as chief executive officer (or equivalent);
  • The ability to work effectively and proactively with a complex organization with diverse programs in multiple sites, with demonstrated skills in management of multiple service lines;
  • Excellent verbal and written skills in order to effectively communicate and work with individuals at varied levels and backgrounds, and ability to utilize multiple media to communicate;
  • Collaborative leadership style with attention to personnel equity and professional development;
  • Strong change management skills to build effective community- and organization-wide systems and structures to create impact;
  • A proven track record of fundraising and relationship development; ability to successfully develop new revenue sources within the local market conditions;
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in inspiring support and confidence, representing organizational vision, mission, goals, and outcomes to a diverse group of stakeholders in a variety of venues.

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