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Supporting Board Led Searches for Executive Leadership

When a volunteer search committee is challenged to select the right leader to further advance the organization’s mission, a number of challenges can stand in the way of the committee doing its work.  The greatest challenge is defining the best approach to get the hiring process done well.

FindALeader.org was created as a solution for organizations unable to take advantage of a full range of executive search services.  “FindALeader” provides experienced training and staffing support to volunteer search committees to assure the details that are part of their hiring plan are managed.  The professionals at “FindALeader” use Third Sector Company’s “Hiring The Nonprofit Chief Executive” manual as their primary resource.

We contract with Board leadership to facilitate the administrative procedures to find a new senior executive (Executive Director, President, CEO, etc.). We offer these vital support services:

  • Training Search Committees To Do Their Best Work
  • Administrative Support to Search Committee Details
  • Initial Resume Screening Against Priorities
  • Meeting Technology For Long-Distance Candidate Interviews
  • Job Announcement Placements

WE ARE NOT A SEARCH FIRM (We can refer you to search firms if you are interested in utilizing that service). The niche we serve is for those organizations who do not have the resources to retain a search firm and want to do their own search, but do not have sufficient time availability or experience to process a full recruitment process. We have staffed numerous searches leading to successful placement of CEOs and Executive Directors.

The task of vetting candidates

dreamstime_xs_13985441We utilize the well-documented reference manual “Hiring The Nonprofit Chief Executive”© published by Third Sector Company. Its components include:

  • preparing for an effective volunteer-led search process
  • constructing the search committee
  • the essential elements of a successful search process and a realistic timeline
  • handling internal candidates and the politics of searching for a new leader
  • key considerations in the interview process
  • introducing your new leader the right way

We also offer:

  • Online video availability if necessary for group meetings and initial interviews
  • Placement of notices on websites and bulletin boards, with management/tracking of deadlines
  • Informal networking in local nonprofit organizations
  • Remote computer login & “Skype” meetings to economize on time commitments and travel of participants

Contact us today at info@findaleader.org for more information.