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Supporting Executives Seeking Senior Managers

We contract with Executive Directors, CEOs or Presidents to facilitate the administrative procedures to find a new senior executive (Development Director, CFO,  COO, etc.). The principals and affiliated professionals of FindALeader.org have many decades of experience and training in conducting and concluding a search. This will result not only in relieving you of the time burden of conducting the search, but also expose you to the latest thinking in search processing, while ensuring objectivity and perspective throughout the process.

WE ARE NOT A SEARCH FIRM (we can refer you to search firms if you are interested in utilizing that service). The niche we serve is for those organizations who do not have the resources to retain a search firm and want to do their own search, but do not have sufficient time availability or experience to process a full recruitment process.

The way that a nonprofit handles its search for a senior executive is one demonstration of the credibility and stability of the organization.  A hastily done or incomplete search and integration process can not only reflect badly on the professionalism of the organization but can have the added impact of increasing cost and efficiency brought on by a bad hire.

We utilize a variety of well-documented reference materials and utilize our combined six decades of nonprofit experience to help Executives and boards locate the best available talent.

Components include:

  • preparing for an effective search process
  • advising on search participation
  • supporting essential elements of the search process
  • determining a realistic timeline
  • handling internal candidates respectfully
  • making sure your brand is not damaged by unresponsiveness or unprofessionalism
  • educating on key considerations in the interview process
  • questions and formats to elicit the information needed to make a determination
  • utilizing all available outreach sources to cast the widest net

We also offer:

  • Online video meeting availability if necessary for group meetings and initial interviews
  • Placement of notices on websites and bulletin boards, with management/tracking of deadlines
  • Informal networking among local nonprofit organizations
  • Remote computer login & Skype meetings to economize on time commitments and travel of participants

Contact us today at info@findaleader.org for more information.